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Painting is not just a pastime for Rekha, but is an extension of who she is and how she
perceives the beauty of the natural world. Her journey with painting began with water colors at
the early age of seven. She loved the immense satisfaction it gave her - the joy of expressing
her appreciation for the beauty of life itself and the way in which the gifts of Nature are
presented. In high school, she switched to acrylics, and enjoyed the vibrancy of the rich palette.
But, it was oil as a painting medium with which she found her niche, as the subtle strength of the
colors gave her a new sense of power to bring life to a canvas. Whether it is in the change of a
season, the play of sun or moonlight on leaves, the wild nature of a lion, the majestic vision and
overwhelming power of a wild elephant, the quiet solitude of snow falling or a tranquil soothing
acoustic of a waterfall, the ripening of leaves to turn color, she sees the glory of life all around
her, a celebration of the natural world. She is inspired to capture them in their true spirit and
emotion on her canvas. Each painting conveys to us it's own quiet message, a story of survival.
All her paintings are hence a celebration of life and the spirit in every creature, flower or bird as
she has seen it and all that we can learn from them. When Autumn leaves fall or a flower
withers, we see the mortality of life but at the same time we see life's greatest paradox - the
immortality of creativity itself as new leaves are born and birth and death continue. We often
take these beautiful aspects for granted. Rekha is inspired to capture them so as to say, 'Amidst
the mundane pursuit of life's comforts in a busy world, we often forget the little things which fill
our hearts with the greatest joy'. She has conducted art exhibitions of her work in India and in
the US. She lives in California with her husband and two daughters.


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